*Poooof* and the potatoes disappeared.

A thousand years ago, potatoes feared horrific extinction from the climatic evolution and changes.
But the great lord sent Spuderman, Tuberine, Potaerial and happy helpers to save an entire generation by saving the last potatoes. They got Dhadoom to life, the magnificent fries that saved the world. Click here for Detailed Story

*Wroom* Fast forward to today, Happy Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi walked on the streets of Canada. He saw everyone’s favourite – potatoes, flooded and dripping in delicious gravies. He instantly wondered why our country is deprived of this mouth-watering dish. He came back and perfectly mixed hand-made fries with Indian magical sauces and gravies and voila! He discovered the Dhadoom 2! Just like Spuderman saved the world and fulfilled the destiny of golden potatoes, the very charismatic Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, saved us all by bringing to us the legendary Poutine. And as the legends say, ‘History Repeats Itself’.

Dhadoom is rightfully known as the blast of flavours that takes you for a ride with every bite truly making you go “Whooaa! I want more, I want it Now!”

Dhadoom is a fun and young restaurant by celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, an experience that we guarantee will take you on the most exciting ride of your life. Step into our crazy, loud, fictional and fun world, leaving all your worries behind. Be free of your spouse’s naggings, you professor’s irritation, your boss’s anger or your family’s annoyance and just DhadoomDhadoom! It’s your time to indulge and leave the world behind.

Our wide choices of poutine, mains, desserts and beverage will wash all the stress away, each dish mastered to kick start your Dhadoom experience. You can dig into our Poutine , Saucy Fries like ‘Theeki Mirchi Hai Bhai’ to salivate over its spiciness or the ‘SSSSSmokin BBQ’ for the zesty tangy indulgence or the simple ‘Ye Lo Alfredo’ for a smooth, guilty pleasure. You can jump into our flaming Hot Curried Noodles or the sweet Spanish Churros Fries, it’s your pick!. The comic inspired interiors and happy staff will take you on a joy ride that only has the blast of flavours as its final destination. The polka dotted ceiling and colourful flooring will capture you instantly shaking you out of your dull life and help you be yourself.

Head to Dhadoom and give these potatoes the right they deserve in this world and the respect to be the tastiest of all.

Yellow Tie Hospitality Management LLP comes with immense experience in restaurant franchise management. Dhadoom was conceptualized and designed exclusively in association with Karan Tanna. The next mission is to take the fastest growing Dhadoom, not just nationally but internationally too. Our countless franchise partners have taken Dhadoom to different corners of the country so you do not miss out on the magic that keeps you stress free. Yellow Tie Hospitality also provides exclusive franchise ownership.

Choose a Dhadoom near you and step into this crazy, happy and flavor-some world.

Only the sauciest, funniest and flavorful hero dishes made it to the Dhadoom’s Platter. Choose and let Dhadoom make you go Booom! Boom!

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